Wednesday, 21 December 2011

이태리 여자 크리스티나 한국말-재미있어요!

해외:overseas 미녀(美女):beautiful woman
손님: customer                               
목소리:                voice
며느리:daughter in law   며느님(며느리’s respective form)
오다- (came)                오다-오는(coming)        오다-(will come)                         
살아 있다:alive
~같다   : likely to be… e.g.: 비가 같다..(looks like raining.)
애고 세상에…(oh my God..)      올해(this year)
닭띠: the zodiacal sign of the Fowl under which one was born.                      
성격이 맞다: getting along well with someone due to same character
강심장(强心臟): Strong heart   처음:first time, at first   ~잖아요~: isn’t it?
긴장하다: be tensed     긴장되다: became tensed, go out of one’s skull
~보다: compare to~       신기하다: curious, like a magic, very unique
특히: especially               우리 끼리: between ourselves
놀다; to play                     만큼: like this much
뜻하는 거예요? What does it mean?
빨간색:red color              때문에..Because of that thing..
이렇게(like this)/그렇게(like that)/저렇게(like that)
번도 봤어요. (I have never have seen..even not once)     ~: ly소개하다: to introduce  
소개해 드릴게요.: I will introduce…
기대하다: to expect
기대해 보다: try to expect
신기한 : very unique thing
똑바로 :straight               약간: a little bit
돌리다:turn, revolve
준비하다: to prepare
일단 거절(一旦 拒絶): refuse once
치우다: clean up/take a way
마음: mind, sprit
아이고:a yo, oops!
나쁜 며느리:bad daughter in law
번쯤:about once
한국의 미덕(韓國 美德):Korean’s grace, good deed
물어 보다: to ask
그러냐고…: why like that?!
~까지: till
번만: only one time
시간이 지나 가다: time passes
싫으면 싫다 좋으면 좋다!: if you do not like it then say dislike, If you like it then say you like it!
바로: right or immediately
얘기=이야기: story

Monday, 19 December 2011

역시~ & 은/는

라면은 역시 신라면이죠!
~은 is used to emphasize in the AD
역시: of course

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Japchae - Famous Korean Dish

Japchae for 2 persons

Noodle(Dangmyeon): 100g
Spinach: 80g
Brown mushroom: 2-3
Carrot: 1
Onion: half
Garlic: (mashed) :1
Pepper: a bit
Salt: a bit (few pinches)

Soy sauce:3 table spoon
Sugar: 1 table spoon
Sesame oil: 1~2 Table spoon