Thursday, 26 May 2011

Table Manner

Many times, we eat together with the elders, it is polite to wait for them to pick up their spoons or chopsticks, before picking up your own.  Also, you should not leave the table until the elders have finished eating and put their utensils down. Although I was so hungry, I had to wait my parents picked up the spoons or chopsticks. That few seconds were longest waiting! Some families did not talk at the table while they were eating but modern families are talking over the meals because having a meal together as a family can be challenging in modern society in Korea. When drinking alcohol, the elders will pour the liquor.  You should hold the cup with tow hands, when receiving it.  Afterwards, you should pour the liquor for the elders, again making sure that you use two hands.  Once more thing, you should never smoke in front of the elders.
Below CF is comical but you can see how Mr. Jang is trying to say about drinking manner. She turned her had from the elder and drank.

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