Friday, 26 August 2011

Korean Irregular Verbs

Type of change
The base-final is dropped before vowels
: +->지어
짓다, 북다, 긋다, 잇다
Build, fill, draw, stir, connect
Be  preferable
벗다, 웃다, 씻다, 빗다, 솟다, 빼앗다
The base final is changed to / before vowels
: +=도와
돕다, 눕다, 깁다, 줍다
Help, lie down, mend, pick up

고맙다, 춥다, 반갑다, 곱다, 맵다, 무겁다, 가볍다
잡다, 뽑다, 씹다, 입다, 접다
The base final is change to before vowels
: +=걸어
걷다, 묻다, 듣다, 싣다, 긷다, 깨닫다
Walk, ask, hear, load, draw  water realize

받다, 닫다, 얻다, 묻다, 믿다, 쏟다
A is added when the base final is dropped
: 부르+=불러
부르다, 나르다, 고르다, 오르다, 누르다, 흐르다
Call, transport, select, go up, press, flow
다르다, 빠르다, 서투르다, 이르다
Differ, be fast, be clumsy, be early
치르다, 들르다
Pay, drop in
The base final is dropped before vowels and the endings , are changed to
: 그렇+어서=그래서

그렇다, 빨갛다, 노랗다, 까맣다, 파랗다
Be that way, red, yellow, black, blue
좋다, 놓다, 낳다
Good, put, give birth
drops in front of endings which begin with ,, or
알다, 놀다, 만들다, 팔다, 들다, 살다, 열다, 울다, 쓸다

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