Thursday, 21 April 2016

Eat, Eat!

1. Have you eaten yet? 식사했어요?
A casual greeting that dates from an era of war and famine. Hunger was widespread in South Korean till the 1960's and still is in North Korea. Another common greeting was, " 밤새 별일 없으셨어요? " The expression is also known to have originated in a time when bad things happened overnight.

2. When will I have a chance to eat (your) a bowl of noodles? 언제 국수 먹어요?
When are you getting married?

3. I ate water! 물 먹었다!
I lost out. If you miss a promotion/ party.

4. It is like having col porridge! 식은 죽 먹기!
It is a piece of cake!  = so easy!

5. You should eat even before sightseeing at Diamond Mt.! 금강산도 식후경!
Eat first, no matter what temptation of chore awaits. Let's stop work for a bit and eat!

6. It will not fill me up with rice! 밥 먹여 주냐?
Let's be practical! When you against someone's idea, they say like this.

7. It is not either rice nor porridge.  죽도 아니고 밥도 아니다!
A gray area, somewhere in between. A bit project that goes now where.

8. Did you eat crow meat? 까마귀 고기 먹었니?
Can you remember anything?

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