Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Koreans eat from the same dish!

Koreans eat all together from the same dish!

It may be really shocking and strange for you to discover that Koreans share their food from and eat out of the same dish without using serving spoons or individual plates. It is a Korean custom to share their food in this matter. For the Koreans, having a meal together is not merly eathing but also a sharing of the mind and a chance to get closer to one another. If you feel uncomfortable eathing out of the samedish, you can ask the host to give your individual plate before hand the start of the meal. They will be delighted to do that. Nowdays, the wester style eathing culture has caught on in Korea. So Korans understand that eating out of the same dish can be unacceptable to Wester Culture and even some Koreans! So, do not hesitate to say” Mai I have my own palte?” (개인 접시 좀 주시겠어요?) before the start of the meal. However if you have an advaenturous sprit, you are always welcomed to try meal together the Korean way, be close to them and experience a new culture. 출처
김치찌개는 조금 맵지만 아주 맛있어요. (Kim Chi Jji gae is a bit spicy but it is delicious)