Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Culture Shock in Korea : A toilet paper on the table

1. A toilet paper on the table?

You might be shocked see toilet rolls in the living room or even on the dining table. You might be more shocked when your Korean friends suggest that you could use the toilet paper or to wipe your mouth or face. In Korea, toilet paper is used everywhere in homes, offices and classrooms. Please don't think it is dirty or unhygienic, after all the paper comes form the same factory as he tissue boxes and it’s just matter of presentation. This toilet roll has never been in the bathroom before. Each culture has different ideas about what is acceptable or not acceptable. So don't prejudge that this practice is unhygienic but rather, try to understand the thinking behind this social practice with an open mind. Source
티슈: Tissue, 물 티슈: Wet Tissue, 화장지: Toilet paper or bathroom paper, 휴지: Waste paper